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Admission Schedule
General Admission Schedules

Admission to the institution and not to a particulars class can be ensured by Registration only. Registration is to be made use of on or before the expiry date given. No claim can be raised thereafter and then the seat will be allotted to the waiting list. Names will be registered in the month of March and the candidates will appear for the test in the month of March/April. (Dates will be announced)

Eligibility for admission to the Nursery class is after the age of 3 years before the completion of 4 years. It is granted only on sub-mission concurrently with application form a Birth Certificate from the Municipal Corporation and to the higher classes a transfer certificate from the school last attended. All the above admissions will be subject to a test of capacity be means of written test.
Admission and assignment to a particular section of the class are entirely reserved to the school authorities. Correct Date of Birth is to be given at the time of admission. Date of Birth once registered cannot be altered.

The school has a Parent Teacher Association which forwards suggestions to the School in regarding studies and general development of children. PTA holds meeting from time to time in order to -co-relate effectively with the school.