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Infrastructure: Facilities

The school library is open to all students of the school. All classes are provided with one library period per week. The library has an open “access system” i.e. the child is allowed to go directly to the shelves and take one book of their choice. They must put the book back on the same numbered shelf after reading, to maintain order an organization in the library.
Science Lab

The school has state-of-the-art lab have been recently renovated to keep in tune with the changing times. It is fully equipped with advance facilities to motivate scientific temperament among school students.
Computer Lab

The school has well maintained and fully equipped computer lab. All classes are provided with the computer periods depending on the time table of the school. Trained staff is appointed to assist students for computer awareness. Transport Students can avail transport facility as per the set transport routes of school.

The school has well structured facilities for sports like cricket, badminton, football, volleyball, Hockey & other Athletic activities.
Students Council

The School provides perfect opportunities for chiseling leadership qualities among students by selecting student’s representatives each year. The students council invariably comprises of head boy and head girl from the senior most class, captains, vice captains and prefects from different levels to assist in the smooth functioning of the school.
School Counsellor

School students can seek advice of experienced counselor in case they need any psychological assistance.