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Few Guidlines For Parents/Guardians

It is an undenying fact that co-operation between parents and school authorities is of paramount importance to ensure that the child receives maximum benefits and develops a firm foundation at a very early stage of education. It is therefore suggested that the parents/guardians should look into the Child’s school Almanac everyday as a ritual and see that the lessons and home-work assigned are done without fail. The child should be encouraged to cultivate good manners and hygienic habits. The observations/remarks recorded in the diary should be taken into serious consideration for the follow-up action and should be signed by the Parent/Guardian.

Withdrawal of a child for merely attending religious ceremonies/social functions is not at all desirable as it disrupts the continuity in education. We hope that Parents/Guardians will assist us in our efforts to infuse self-confidence and to bring out the talent of the children so that they traverse the right path of life with grit and determination to face challenges.

Responsibility Of Parents

The school does not hold any -responsibility for the loss of books, stationery or any valuable things of a student during the school time or on way to school or home. The students are expected to take care of and safe-guard their belongings. However parents are requested to keep check over their wards that they should not carry valuable things to the school.

In case of students, whose cases the responsibility, from and to the school lies with the parents, the management will not be answerable or responsible for the whereabouts of the students before and after the school hours.