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G.D.Lancer's Public School having 12 years of excellence in education- a school that is all set to establish systems to enable life long learning, self development and improved performance for continuous excellence – a school that shall involve all stakeholders in understanding and implementing the mission and quality objectives – a school that shall develop a curriculum to meet the various developmental needs of the students including academic, social, physical, emotional and ethical – a school that shall ensure effective delivery of curriculum keeping in view current educational thinking and pedagogy – a school that shall make learning a joyful experience

We, at The G.D.Lancer's Public School, define ourselves as a community of learning, one that educates students from diverse backgrounds to a full measure of their talents and humanity. Each individual at The G.D.Lancer's Public School is recognized by number of unique abilities irrespective of age, gender, religion, economic position, etc.

Fundamentally, the school is most likely to fulfill its mission when it nurtures students who can enlarge the understanding of the others because of diverse experiences and perspectives they bring. While that kind of diversity is sometimes hard to measure because it is something intangible, it is.....