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Student Guidelines
Students Guidelines
  • Students must always come to school in school uniform. They must come to school neat and tidy.
  • Students must come to school 10 minutes before the time fixed for assembly.
  • Students who come late or absent themselves must s written explanation from the parent in diary.
  • Neglect of home work, irregularity in attendance irregularity in payment and misbehavior in school will justify dismissal.
  • Students must obey the class leaders appointed in the absence of teachers to maintain discipline and good order.
  • Damage done to the school property must be made-rod.
  • Parent must check the diary regularly and note teachers remarks etc. Parents co-operation is vital for all round development of the child. Parent must take general interest in the child's progress.
  • Except case of illness, children will not be granted any leave outside regular vacation period. Name of the student will be struck off the rolls who absent themselves without application for six days and security' forfeited.
  • Annual Examination for promotion to next class is held, each in March. Pupils who fail in this exam will on no account be promoted.
  • A Students who fail twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue their studies in this school.